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About Us

Tony and Peter of JX Media, collectively with 40 years experience in the antenna and TV installation business, will come to you to wall mount your TV, install your antenna, solve your wifi and networking needs and introduce you to the world of Kodi media centre streaming.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts - Fixed and adjustable. From $35

Wall Swivel

Wall Swivel - Fully adjustable anles. From $45

Desktop Clamped

Desktop clamped - Single or double monitor arms. From $65

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves - Floating style From. $30

Home Network Install

Looking to maximise your internet speed by hard wiring, or eliminate dead spots?

Let's face it, the routers local ISP's send out as part of your broadband package are fairly basic. There's more and more demand on your WIFI with mulitple connected devices. You may want to hardwire many devices that don't have to be on WIFI. You can't beat a hard wired network to maximise broadband to its full potential. we would recommend you hardwire your static devices like your TV, your streaming boxes(Apple TV etc), any fixed computers. We can do this work for you, let us know what you need!

Let us wire your house for data!

KODI & Media Streaming

Welcome to the world of KODI free media streaming on Raspberry Pi

When it comes to IP media streaming, we have two options for you. Option one: is the little known KODI open source media streamng software, which comes preloaded on an equally little known credit card sized computer called a Raspberry Pi. Don't underestimate its computing power, it maybe small, but it gives a lot of punch. For $165, this combo will give you many hours of watching pleasure.

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Option 2:

4K Satellite Receiver with IPTV on board

XDSR715HDR is an Ultra High Definition 4K receiver with 60 Frames Per Second in 10bits HDR Picture Quality and MultiStream tuner, Incorporation with the Android Nougat V7.0 OS. This operating system provides innovative features and a refined UI. Another outstanding feature of this STB is the integrated WiFi/Bluetooth Module which enables the hassle free connectivity and easy configuration right from the remote.