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We offer a small range of receivers to keep your options clear and easy to follow. (We can get our hands on a lot more, but these are our picks). We have receivers to cater to all requirements and price budgets. Each receiver has varying degrees of capability and like everything else in life, the more you pay the more features. So from the basic, to the twin tuner, network capable PVR, we have all bases covered with our small collection. Rest assured that the new MPEG 4 format being almost standard now, all are MPEG 4 capable. We have chosen not to feature DTT receivers due to modern TV's now having digital tuners as a requirement. If you have an old CRT TV that you would like to attach a DDT receiver, please let us know as we can source them with ease.

UltraPlus X1000HD+ Satellite & IPTV Hybrid - $195.00

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Released in March 2017, this receiver is the full entertainment package at a very small price. Not only fully compliant with all moderrn satellite delivery formats, but also an IPTV box extrodinaire. You will be amazed at what's on offer on the IPTV side of this unit, and the quality of most of the 500+ channels are mind blowing. Plus those 16psk channels on Intelsat 19, pulls them in with ease. Also featured on our IPTV page. Please also see our review, HERE


X Cruiser XDSR385HD Avant- $248.00

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The full HD X Cruiser comes in an extremely slim design, it has the unique option of being able to be hidden at the rear of most panel TV's with the mount kit included in the package. This is ideal where space is at a premium. The receiver of course being network capable means you can surf the net, connect to YOU TUBE, or use google, (Built in WebZeal). Connect your external USB HDD (WD A/V rated recommended) to record, or watch MP4, MKV or Xvid files. Unit will upscale SD to 1080. Featuring HDMI out, composite via 2.5mm jack lead, card reader, network via ethernet or WIFI, and 12 volt operation. Ideal for your NAS set up. USER MANUAL textStreaming internet channels for Ultraplus users
Upgrade 385HD Avant firmware instructions

X Single

X Cruiser XDSR 600HD Twin Tuner - $478.00 HDlogo (add 500gb HDD $597.00)

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Finally at the top end of the receiver market comes the 600HD, similar to the above 385HD but higher specs. Features internal HDD, Twin tuners to record two channels and watch a third. The tuners are easily interchangeable between DDT and satellite. HDMI, Componenet, and composite out, network capable for your NAS system. Card reader and CI slot for additional CAMS. The ability to attach external HDD via USB and sata. This unit is the top of our range. USER MANUAL text Streaming internet channels for Ultraplus users Upgrade Xcruiser 385 and 600 firmware instructions textTech Talk - X Cruiser XDSR 600HD

X Twin

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Every effort is made to determine longevity of fortuities service on satellite programming, however JX Antenna & Networks does not guarantee longevity of any programming on any satellite, at any time. The term fortuities is exactly that, fortunate. Programming comes and goes without warning.