JX Network - in a nutshell:

JX Network offers Cat 5 cable installation, with RJ45 connectors. We can cable your place from your ADSL Router or similar to network able devices. A hard wired network is always more reliable than wireless. We supply satellite receivers that are network accessible, and can offer a package deal when installing your satellite system. How about we offer you the ultimate in home entertainment by installing a NAS (Network Access System)? This allows content from any receiver in the house to record content to a central system, which then can be accessed by any TV in the house with our receiver hooked up. See diagram below. Having network capabilies to your TV location offers a world of opportunities in free entertainment. The introduction of our Internet TV streaming boxes may also be of interest. Hey guess what ? All british TV FTA channels available via internet, have it on your main TV too........Contact us so we can explain!


The NAS System explained

The above diagram shows the layout of a NAS system that you could have easily installed at your place. We can supply you a second hand PC system that you would keep perhaps in you linen cupboard or within you TV cabinet. The satellite receivers located in different rooms in your house will all be able to record to the central NAS computer, onto the same hard drive, which then in turn can be watched at any time in any location. For example you could record something from your lounge, and then decide to go to bed to watch it, that file will be available in your bedroom receiver. You will be able to access your Tv program files, put them into folders from any computer or laptop on your network. Has the ability to also access remotely.

Network Equipment
Catergory 5 or 6 cable
$ various
RJ45 Connectors
RJ45 & RJ11 Crimp Tool
From $12.00
CAT 5 tester
From $35.00
Satellite receivers network capable
X Cruiser XDSR385HD $249
X Cruiser XDSR600HD $690 (int.HDD 500GB)

Read this:

Every effort is made to determine longevity of fortuities service on satellite programming, however JX Antenna & Networks does not guarantee longevity of any programming on any satellite, at any time. The term fortuities is exactly that, fortunate. Programming comes and goes without warning.