About satellite packages:

You can mix and match your packages as you wish, however we recommend starting with freeview as your base package and add from there. We can add additional LNBs to a 75cm dish so that you can get say Optus D1 (freeview) and Optus D2 (Ovation etc) and/or Intelsat 19 ( many FTA channels) on one dish. You can also add network capabilities to your installation. Have a look through the packages listed below and see what appeals. When you are ready to have an installation done, or have further questions, contact us.

Package 1 - FREEVIEW (the base package) satellite or HD UHF - $199.00 + Receiver
freeview HD
radio stationChannels
Nine Australia*

Most Freeview channels are available nationwide on both platforms (Sat/DTT), however some are only available on one platform, and some are regional stations. Call us if you need to know what's available in your area.

*Channel 9 Australia currently showing on Optus D1 over New Zealand! MPEG 4 receiver required

Package 2 - FREEVIEW + Add D2 - $400.00 from new ($180 to retrofit) + Receiver


Optus D1 (freeview) with the addition of an extra LNB, will give you the ability to receive transmissions from Optus D2 on the same dish. Popular programming currently on Optus D2 is i Film, Russia Today, press TV, many ethnic and Christian channels, the full extent of which can be seen here at Lyngsat. We can retro fit an existing 60cm dish, or install a complete new system. Please note that you may require a receiver capable of receiving DVBS-S2 signals. Freeview certified equipment will not be capable. Please contact us for further information regarding this package.
Package 3 - FREEVIEW + Add IS19- $400.00 from new ($180 to retrofit) + Receiver


Optus D1 (freeview) with the addition of an extra LNB, will give you the ability to receive transmissions from Intesat19 on the same dish. Intelsat 19 seems to be a hotbird with many programs of interest in english at the moment, with channels such as Euronews, and France 24. Also there are channels out of the US - Docubox, Outdoor Channel, Comedy TV, Pursuit channel, just to name a few. MPEG 4 capable receiver is essential. Check out the most up to date list available at Lyngsat


Package 4 - The lot! FREEVIEW + Add IS 19 & D2 $470 new ($210 to retrofit) + Receiver


Optus D1 (freeview) with the addition of two extra LNBs, will give you the ability to receive transmissions from D1, D2 and Intesat19 on the same dish. In effect the above three installation packages rolled into one. Clearly the best value for money. So check out the above three packges, and you got Package 4 - The whole lot!


C Band Packages - Most 2.4 meter Dish installations are approx $950 to install + Receiver


If your property will allow the installation of a 2.4 meter dish, you will find there are a few good options for programming on C Band. On Intelsat 19 for exmaple there is currently Australia Network, BBC World, MTV China, YTN. It has the TVNZ Master control room feed, which puts programming out to the Islands.

Asiasat 7 located at 105.5 (low on our horizon- about 8 degrees) has VOA, lotus movies, Aljazeera, and DW Asien, plus various other Ethinic programming. You will need clear line of site to the north western horizon. See more at Lyngsat.

There are many more satellites beaming in C band ethnic TV including ChinaSat 6B, offering a wide range of chinese channels. Contact us and check if your native language is available.

Choose your receiver - choose Xcruiser for NAS Server


X Cruiser XDSR385HD
X Cruiser XDSR385HD $249 - Single Tuner - Network capable - Use external HDD for recording or NAS Receivers
X Cruiser XDSR600HD
X Cruiser XDSR600HD $690 - Twin tuner - Network capable (With 500GB HDD) Receivers
Ultraplus 990HD
Ultrapluus 990 $128.00- Good entry level HD receiver with Internet TV options - PVR via USB external HDD Receivers
Challenger HD
Challenger HD $170.00- Good entry level receiver with Apps and network accessibility Receivers

Read this:

Every effort is made to determine longevity of fortuities service on satellite programming, however JX Antenna & Networks does not guarantee longevity of any programming on any satellite, at any time. The term fortuities is exactly that, fortunate. Programming comes and goes without warning.