Tech Talk- IS19 – and those Aussie channels


Intelsat 19 is becoming the new hotbird over NZ and Australia. There has been a number of good channels come and go on both C and Ku band over the last couple of years.

Some of those channels have gone to other satellite, and others have encrypted.

Of interest currently is a channel Nine mux from Australia


The Frequency for the 9 Mux

This mux although free to air, is a challenge to receive due to the new 16apsk modulation. At present, very few receivers on the market are able to resolve pictures due to the new modulation. In saying that the X Cruiser 385, AND the newer UltraPlus x1000HD+ are two of the few that can. Available here 

Even the 9 Sydney, originally on Optus D1 has been moved over to IS19.

  12550 V
tp 15K
Australia & New Zealand
Channel Nine DVB-S 3750-2/3
 1185 –  308
256 E
A Zapara

Also on this satellite Free to air:

France 24         Website     ENGLISH

Euronews         Website     ENGLISH

Airirang TV     Website      ENGLISH

There are European and East European channels also available on the small dish from I.S 19.  You may like to look at our satellite package page to see the full range of options.

The beauty of having various dishes at various satellites is that programs come and go, and every now and then you get a good run of a descent channel or 2, some of which are well worth watching.

So in reality, if you combine what’s available on Internet TV and Free to air satellite, there are is a good deal of content available free.

6 thoughts on “Tech Talk- IS19 – and those Aussie channels”

  1. Located to Tahiti French Polynesia
    IS 19 166° W
    With a 2,4 m antenna offset type
    Vertical and Horizontal Signals are quite confortable
    Most of FTA programs are received well.
    Included TVNZ one news and some others Pacific feeds

      1. Good morning Peter or Tony hope you are well , do you have any informations about TVNZ news and feeds on this 4146 Mhz, S/r 5632 Kbps is it on Biss ?
        For your information NSS 9 and IS 19 is still working in Tahiti IS18 is still working good on my 2.4m offset antenna, I can see now AFN / old AFRTS is Fta since several weeks , 4175 mhz s/r 3680 Kbps signal quality very powerful 100%, have a great day Tony

  2. Hi tony where is the link to upgrade my ultrplus 990 hd magic, used to be updates on your site , cant find it now , need to upgrade due to fact re set.

    Also interested in a 1 metre dish and new decoder, I have moved from 32 queen mary new lynn up to kerikeri.
    If your heading this way have a break and install for me.
    My name is keith Williams we talked about a big dish from the university that you were going to remove last time you did a job for me, I mentioned Rocky Govorko to you an old friend of mine.
    Let me know and we might be able to do something
    MB 0221847831 LL 04 09 407 7840 cheers

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