Go wifi on your Pi

Author: Peter Dobson

Please note: If you have ordered the Raspberry Pi 3, it has WIFI on board, and there is no need for a dongle. Skip to the setup section.

If you have no way of hard wiring your Raspberry Pi running KODI, (we highly recommend you hard wire where possible), then please follow these instructions to go “WIFI” on your Pi.

Before we start, you will need to get yourself a WIFI adapter that is compliant with your router. We have them available ($20.00) if you need one.

An example of a USB WIFI adapter

Once you have your WIFI adapter, you will need to plug it into a free USB port on your  Pi before powering it up, as it won’t instantly recognise it without going through the boot sequence. So must be booted up with it inserted.

Pi with WIFI dongle inserted

When the WIFI adapter is in the USB port of your Pi, you can now power up and boot into KODI.

When at the main menu, navigate to PROGRAMS  – then LibreELEC settings

Main menu

Click LibreELEC, and you will be presented with the following menu:

Switch off wired, and on wireless (click to enlarge image)

Go to Network. Switch off the wired network, and switch on the wireless network as shown in image.

Now click on Connections, it may take a few moments for the available networks to show.

Wait a few moments for the available networks to load

In a short time the available networks around you will appear. Simply find your network and click on it. Enter your network password to compete the connection.

Available networks loaded


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