Tech Talk – Australia Plus moves satellite

Author: Anthony Dunnett

Australia Plus
November 30, 2014   saw Australia Plus formally known as Australia Network disappear from IS19 west hemi beam over Asia and reappear on IS18 C band Global Beam with coverage from the US West Coast to Singapore in the east .

At first glance this is an unusual move for the ABC because Asia was their target viewing area. However the service has been moved, and  is on IS18 at 4070 GHz right hand polarization M/S 03443 Fec ¾ DVBS2-2 “MPEG 4 8PSK. A standard DVBS2 Mpeg4 receiver will not decode the video.

So the parameters are center frequency 4070 GHz 03443 M/S “SCPC Carrier Fec ¾ and DVBS2-2 Mpeg4 8PSK.

You will have to use a Teflon slab and  most LNBF’s have a groove cut into the wave guide to allow the insertion of a Teflon slab.

Finding the satellite from IS19 was a breeze, I used the AFN signal which is DVBS 4174 GHz 3680 M/s left hand polarization the resultant signal was 17 db CNR.

The LNBF settings when using a Teflon slab are:

Right hand polarization Vertical 13V Left hand polarization Horizontal 18V

IS8 Global
IntelSat 18 Global
is19 west hemi
Intelsat 19 West Hemi

The above maps show beam center at 35.6 dBW First contour 33.6dBW Second contour 31.6 dBW

New Picture
Intelsat 18

The above signal strengths are for maximum power using the full power of the transponder. In the case of Australia Plus they are using a small portion of the transponder. This transponder is bandwidth and power restricted and can be anything between 6 to 8 Db lower than the full transponder power output depending on the number of services sparing the 36 MHz transponder

So our signal now drops from 35.6 Db to about 29.6dbw to Auckland giving me a CNR of about 11 db. From the evidence,  the signal is not just DVB2 Mpeg4 because a DVBS 2 Mpeg4 receiver will not resolve the video, however a DVBS2-2 Mpeg4 8Psk will. This means that the IRD threshold is about 7 Db if it is 8PSK and using Fec ¾.

My El cheapo 2.4m solid provided 80% quality on my Ultra plus 900. That is very close to 12dbcnr in real life terms which is consistent with my findings.

There is only one TV channel with two radio channels.

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  1. Located in Tahiti French Polynesia
    With 1,8 m offset antenna signal is 7 db .
    Thank you to A+ form the good program.

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