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Author: Peter Dobson

    Low power FM broadcasting

radio towerIn New Zealand you are allowed to broadcast a lower power FM radio station without paying for a licence, so long as your maximum output is 1 watt EIPR (Equivalent isotropically radiated power). There are a few other regulations surrounding this though if you are thinking of becoming a radio star!

Frequency Range

You are limited to the frequency range that are permitted for use. Those are outlined as:

87.6 MHz
87.7 MHz
87.8 MHz
87.9 MHz
88.0 MHz
88.1 MHz
88.2 MHz
88.3 MHz
106.7 MHz
106.8 MHz
106.9 MHz
107.0 MHz
107.1 MHz
107.2 MHz
107.3 MHz
107.4 MHz
107.5 MHz
107.6 MHz
107.7 MHz

Signals should be vertical in polarisation.     Carrier stability needs to be within +/- 5khz.  There are rules around designation of emissions  pertaining to mono, stereo, and stereo/muitiplex data, expressed in numeric and alphabetical code (EG 180KF3EGN) each letter relates to a rule.


It is a requirement that you, as the broadcaster, broadcast your contact details in reference to your radio station at least once in an hour, every hour.

Radio inspectors are out there, and yes, they are monitoring. Fines can be imposed to those not following the rules.

There are restrictions in certain areas, on certain frequencies in radio sensitive areas, (such as an airport)

Further information

If you are going to be a real radio star, best you have a look through these guides issued by Radio Spectrum Management

Low power FM Regulations   LPFM Additional info

Radio Transmitters

We carry stocks of low powerFM transmitters, or we can get them in based on requirements. We currently have .5 watt transmitters with 2.5mm jack as audio input, and have access to other types also.

The following transmitter is $150 and includes the rubber antenna and power supply. Freq range 88mhz – 108mhz. Contact us through our website for more information

.5 watt front panel FM transmitter


.5 Watt back panel FM transmitter

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