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Satellite/Internet - Ultraplus 1000xHD $190 + shipping

This Hybrid, HD satellite receiver is perfect for all your satellite requirements, including being fully compliant with all modern satellite delivery standards. The bonus with this unit is that it is a hybrid unit that delivers over 500 TV channels via the internet. So what this means, once you have connected this unit to your router, you instantly have 100's of worldwide channels. You will be amazed at what's on offer, and the audio/video quality on the whole, excellent. Handles the 16psk OZ channel 9 mux on Intelsat 19 with ease too! Please see review HERE



The above is but a small list of the available channels streaming on the 990HD. Don't forget we also offer wired network installations and can supply and route network cables, switches and other IP equipment. Contact us now to discuss your requirements

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Every effort is made to determine longevity of fortuities service on satellite & IPTV programming, however JX Antenna & Networks does not guarantee longevity of any programming on any satellite or IPTV, at any time. The term fortuities is exactly that, fortunate. Programming comes and goes without warning.

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