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JX Antennas and Networks offers sales and installations of home entertainment and surveillance equipment. We install big (CBand) and small (Ku band) dishes offering any free to air channels, including freeview, that are available over New Zealand. We supply and install CCTV and DVR's. If network cable installation is your requirement, we can do this for you and supply a centralised NAS system to store A/V which can then be streamed to any location in your house where there is network available. Domestic and commercial installations of all of the above. Last but not least UHF antenna installations for Freeview HD are our speciality.


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Every effort is made to determine longevity of fortuities service on satellite programming, however JX Antenna & Networks does not guarantee longevity of any programming on any satellite, at any time. The term fortuities is exactly that, fortunate. Programming comes and goes without warning.

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